Imex Flat Toe Kick / 10' Long



Flat Toe Kick / 10' Long


No matter what project you are tackling next, you need to utilize good quality hardware. The Imex Flat Toe Kick features a convenient 10 foot length with sizes from four inches to six inches. The Imex toe kick is ready for your next improvement, installation, or remodeling project. Contact Imeca today for more information about hardware options from Imex and many popular brands.    

FPTK-H100 4” (100 mm.) / 10’ (3m) long
FPTK-H110 4-5/8” (110 mm.) / 10’ (3m) long
FPTK-H120 4-3/4” (120 mm.) / 10’ (3m) long
FPTK-H150 6” (150mm) / 10’ (3m) long