Furniture Wheels (KOO)

  • EASY INSTALLATION - Rotating 360 Degrees on any kind of furniture or cart. Very Easy to Install, only takes 4 screws.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY AND QUIET ROLLING. You can totally rely on our product. It’s created for long-lasting usage, no matter how actively you use it. All internal details are made of steel, able to remain strong during many years. Complemented with our casters, your chairs won’t move with loud noise.
  • BREAKING SYSTEM. All Imex furniture wheels, come with a brake lever. Just step on the black lever at the top of every wheel and the wheel will come to a complete stop. To disengage the brake, just lift up the brake pedal back up. 
  • STUNNING DESIGN. As soon as you replace old plastic wheels with our casters your chairs will become even more stylish and modern. They come in black and white, just pick the one that perfectly fits your style. This is the best upgrade for your furniture able to impress at the first sight.
  • SAFE FOR ALL KINDS OF FLOOR. Our chair casters work well on carpets, hardwood floor, tiles, laminate. Due to the strong but soft polyurethane they provide you with smooth and comfortable rolling without even little damage to flooring.